Need Tile Work Done? Hire A Handyman

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Many homes have tiles on the floor in numerous locations, including at the front entrance, in bathrooms, and in the kitchen. In addition to making up the floor in several rooms, it's also common to find tiles on the wall behind your kitchen and bathroom countertops. If you have a tile-related project on your to-do list, think about hiring a local handyman. You'll have no trouble finding someone who has experience with tile work, and they may even be able to show you photos of past projects they've done for clients to help you feel confident of the caliber of the work that they can do for you. A handyman can almost certainly do these tile projects for you.

Broken Tile Replacement

Sometimes, a single tile can get broken and be an eyesore. One broken tile doesn't necessarily require replacing all of the tiles, however. Instead, a handyman who has experience with this sort of work should be able to carefully remove the broken tile and put a new one in its place. Ideally, you'll have kept a few tiles for this sort of situation when you did the original tile work. If not, you or your handyman can shop for a good match at a local tile store.

New Tile Installation

Even if you don't have any tiles that are broken, you might feel as though the tiles in one room of your home either look dated or simply don't excite you. A good solution to this problem is to get rid of the existing tiles and install new ones. You can shop for tiles that you think will work well in the space, and then hire a handyman to install them. This professional will safely remove all of the existing tiles, prepare the floor, and then install the new tiles. Changing the tiles can give the whole room a much-needed makeover.

Grout Cleaning And Sealing

When tiles have light-colored grout between them, the grout can often darken over time. This can especially be true in high-traffic areas. For example, you might notice that the grout in the center of a hallway is dark, but the grout along the edges of the same hallway is several shades lighter. Contact a handyman to discuss cleaning the grout. Vigorously scrubbing each line of grout can make it look lighter. The handyman can also seal the grout after cleaning it, which should prevent future staining.