Full-Time Jobs In Canada: An Overview

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Canada is a goldmine for anyone searching for a full-time job. In fact, in 2020 alone, different employers employed approximately 14.8 million individuals on a full-time basis. That means your chances of enjoying the benefits of full-time employment, including a steady salary, employee benefits and opportunities for career advancement, are incredibly high. If that's what you need, consider a full-time job in any of the following high-demand fields in Canada.

1. Human resource management

Human resource (HR) management refers to the effective and efficient management of employees in an organization or company. HR managers play a vital role in helping businesses thrive and gain the upper hand in highly competitive environments. That is why many Canadian companies are actively searching for astounding HR managers. Some of the responsibilities of holding a human resource manager position include job analysis, resource allocation, talent acquisition and training and development.

2. Web development

The number of Canadian organizations using websites increases daily as more business owners discover the fantastic benefits of having an online presence. That is why web development companies continue to thrive. Therefore, if you consider becoming a web developer in Canada, you are likely on a path to massive career success and personal development. But before getting there, ensure you are well acquainted with digital concepts like web traffic monitoring, app creation and testing and web updating and maintenance.

3. Engineering

Canada is an excellent place to start for all sorts of engineers looking for full-time jobs, including civil, mechanical, aerospace, mining, electrical, chemical and computer software engineers. Plus, such experts retire in their numbers every year, leaving behind slots that need filling. For instance, in 2020 alone, an estimated 95,000 engineers were expected to retire in Canada, thereby creating vacancies for new and fresh talent.

4. Veterinary

It's no secret, Canadians love their pets. And to prove it, according to statistics, there were approximately 8.1 and 7.7 million cats and pet dogs respectively, in 2020. Couple that with the large number of horses, cows, sheep, and other animals available, and you get a region where full-time veterinarians are always in demand. If you decide to be a vet in Canada, expect to handle animal inspection, diagnosis, treatment and advising farmers and pet owners.

The Bottom Line

Besides the high-demand full-time jobs listed above, Canada has many more opportunities for professionals like project managers, administrative assistants, health practitioners, and database architects. And the best thing is, even students in this country can work full-time during scheduled breaks, even with no work permit. Therefore, if you are a Canadian citizen or considering immigrating to the country and possess the right skills, you don't have to worry about being unemployed.