Things To Seek Out In A Field Maintenance Kit For Utility-Transport Helicopters

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Utility-transport helicopters are often used to transport people and equipment to different locations. In order to keep them functioning well, they have to be cared for consistently. That's why field maintenance kits are so important. If you're looking to buy one of these kits, look for several things. 

Aircraft Compatible

There are a lot of different field maintenance kits you can purchase for a utility-transport helicopter. So that you know for certain the tools and parts inside will work great with your helicopter, you need to verify aircraft combability. Do this before you check out and start trying to use this kit when maintaining various parts of a utility-transport helicopter.

The kit should have a specific aircraft model number that it supports. Once you verify this detail matches your helicopter's specs, you can go forward using the field maintenance kit in an optimal way each time.

Protective Carrying Case

To make it easier to haul a maintenance kit around in the field for a utility-transport helicopter, it needs to come in a carrying case. Then you won't have to worry about losing items or having them get damaged before you're able to work on the helicopter when maintenance is required.

Try to get a case that seals completely shut so that elements can't affect the tooling inside. Also, make sure the handle is comfortable to hold on to just in case you have to travel with this kit great distances. Finally, verify the carrying case is impact-resistant. Then you don't have to question the protection it offers utility-transport helicopter tooling.

Seal Replacement Parts

One of the most basic aspects of maintaining utility-transport helicopters is replacing their seals. They are there to keep fluids separated but over time, they'll naturally break down and need to be swapped out. You thus want to make sure your maintenance field kit comes with ample seal replacement parts.

Then, as soon as a seal reaches the end of its lifespan, you can immediately get new seals in place and subsequently help major components of your helicopter work optimally again. There won't ever be a delay when this part of your helicopter needs to be replaced.

If you're looking to make maintenance easier for a utility-transport helicopter, you can invest in a field maintenance kit. As long as you see to it that it has the right resources for your needs, it's going to improve how maintenance takes place going forward with a particular utility-transport helicopter. 

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