Grabbing Attention With A Mobile Sign

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When you think about the term "mobile sign," you may think it is a sign that is mobile, such as on a vehicle. This however, is not the proper definition. A mobile sign is one that is movable. It can be used in front of your business to help attract customers. Here are a few ways you can incorporate a mobile sign into your own business to help you gain sales.

Picking The Right Canvas

Mobile signs come in a variety of sizes and shapes. If you are looking for one that will gain the most attention, opt for a light colored sign with dark lettering. A large background will draw the eye toward it and the lighter color is attractive and appealing to look at. Often a darker sign will be overlooked because it is not bright and easily seen. When picking the size, consider the amount of wording you are going to plan on using on the sign. If you plan on using shorter words and sentences, a medium-sized sign should work fine.

Picking The Lettering

The lettering sizes you can use on a mobile sign, also vary. If you are planning on having the sign easily read from the street, you will need to use larger letters as the amount of time the sign will be seen will only be a few seconds as a vehicle drives by. If the sign is going to be placed where there is a good amount of foot traffic, more words can be used, allowing you to use smaller letters, if necessary.

Always use a contrasting color to the background of the mobile sign you have available. Using colors that are similar to the background will just make them fade together so that people will not notice the sign at all. Check your sign regularly to make sure all of your letters are securely attached to the sign. Missing letters can make customers think your company is lacking in other ways, as they will assume you did not take the time to place the lettering properly, thereby cutting corners.

How To Phrase

When deciding what to write on your mobile sign, you will need to get to the point instead of rambling. You have only one chance to make a first impression, and the sign is what the customer will see first when passing by your business. If the business is not well-known, you may want to stick with the basics, such as company name, phone number and perhaps a special you are trying to sell.

If the business is a favorite in town, consider switching your sign daily to give slogans or information about an event or item for sale so that your regular customers and possibly new ones will be tempted to stop in for a look. Talk to experts like for more information.