Painting Your Restaurant? Approach These Three Colors With Caution!

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If you are decorating, remodeling or building a restaurant, then one of the things you should pay great attention to is paint color. This is because the choice of color has a big influence on how your patrons will feel once you open your doors to them. Here are examples of a few colors that you should use with caution:


When it comes to red, the hue is an essential consideration. Bright red is not good because it excites people, irritates them and raises their heart rates. Therefore, customers eating in a restaurant with bright red interiors tend to talk more and get easily irritated.

However, red also stimulates the appetite and is also very eye-catching. The trick is to use red accents, especially in a fast food restaurant. That will help you to get your diners to eat more and faster –essentially what you want in a fast food setup. Try a deep brick terracotta (more earthly than bright red). Alternatively, you can use it on the exteriors to attract some attention to your eatery.


What's wrong with blue? Well, one school of thought argues that your mind subconsciously connects blue with toxins. Apparently, blue triggers your kidneys' actions of waste elimination. In fact, the color can even make patrons lose their appetite, so this is not something you want in your restaurant. This is why food manufacturers also avoid packaging their products with the color.

The only positive feeling the color may trigger is that of thirst. However, you can use it in your sea-food restaurant (such as a sushi eatery) because apart from the sky, it is also connected to large bodies of water such as seas and oceans.


Black color is like a two-sided coin. On one side, the color seems to have negative connotations such as death, night, and evil. Unless you are designing a Gothic-themed restaurant, those aren't feelings you want to evoke in your restaurant.

Black can also evoke feelings of sophistication stylishness and authority. Do you want your restaurant to seem classy? Then you should consider adding some black painting in its interior. Since going all the way black would be quite gloomy, the next best thing is to use it as an accent color.

This is just a gist of colors that you should approach with care if you are considering restaurant themes. What are the major colors in your favorite restaurant? Do your friends think that those colors are great for a restaurant? Consult your paint contractor, such as Ray's Painting Ltd, before you finalize your plans.