Your Water Is Not Yours Until It's Branded: Three Ways To Make Your Bottled Water More Distinct

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Bottled water takes up entire aisles in the grocery store. You have a water bottling company that you want to get into the stores, but basic bottled water is not going to make it. There are already too many generically-labeled waters on the shelves as it is. If you expect your own bottled water to take off in sales, you are going to need to do more than just label the water and give it a UPC code. Here is how.

Brand It

Your water is not yours until you brand it. Yes, there are generic waters on the market, but they still have a company name attached to them. To stand out from the generic waters and the high-priced fancy stuff, you need to brand your water. To do this, start with your label. Custom labeled bottled water is going to grab customers' attention just long enough for them to at least pick up a bottle of your water from the shelf and look at it. Something so simple as an attractive label and a brand name can cause customers to purchase something they would not ordinarily buy. It is weird, to be sure, but it is a marketing tool that is very effective. 

Get the Custom Label That Gets Noticed

Blue, white, and black are colors used for generic water bottling companies. Try to avoid these colors unless your graphic designer can do something really amazing with them. Opt to use more colors, brighter colors, and/or bolder colors and graphics. The label will cost more for doing so, but it is the label that gets bottled water noticed on a shelf with tons of other bottles of the same product- water. If the label jumps out at you on a store shelf, you are more likely to look at it longer and consider it for purchase. Consider the shape of the bottle too, which helps with how the label is affixed and how easy it is for customers to hold.

Get the Bottle That Works

It is so easy to mass-purchase any sort of plastic bottle for water, but really, you need a bottle for your product that accomplishes two things. One, the bottle needs a perfect surface to which labels will easily attach. Two, the bottle has to fit comfortably, without slipping, in the hands of customers. If the bottle is clunky and the label is not right, people will avoid your product and buy something else

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